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We have been in Child Care since 2009 with the opening of our first facility in North Haledon, NJ. Since our doors first opened, we have remained committed to the development and growth of children through a high-quality Early Childhood program. Our focus is maintained on the progress of each child and helping them to reach all age appropriate milestones through a balanced academic and play-based program. We employ our proprietary “Whole Child Assessment” to track the progress of each child as they progress through their Milestones. Our teachers utilize this tool to tailor their lessons and activities to each child’s individual needs.

But more than that, we are working parents with young children who understand the demands on families today. More than anything, we pride ourselves on maintaining a personal touch and connection with our staff and our families. Ensuring that the children in our centers are being as well cared for and loved as we would want for our children, Vincent (age 4) and Francesca (age 2).

Vincent & Julie Priore, Owners

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Developmental milestones are signs of development or maturation in infants and children. Although there are no two children that grow at the same rate, experts agree that there are normal signs of development that usually occur within a certain age range.

Milestones are conformed to age ranges and several factors such as social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Our goal is for the children of Milestones to leave with socio-emotional, physical and cognitive gains in their development. It is our priority that we have a lasting impact on their ability to succeed in school and to function independently and confidently as they move on to Elementary School.

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